Join us for Walk for Life Northwest 2023!

October 15, 2023

1PM | Rotary Fountain, Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA

Legal minds of all persuasions have agreed Roe was a poor and incorrect ruling without any constitutional foundation. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health ruling acknowledged this fact and returned the decision regarding abortion to the people of each state. Some states prepared for this inevitable overturning of Roe with legislation to protect the lives of unborn persons while others, like Washington State, sought to enshrine abortion in their state constitution.

Dobbs was a milestone victory but the fight continues.

Our Mission

To encourage all people to stand firmly for life and help change the heart of our nation.

Our Goals

To bring large numbers of people out in support of a pro life culture.

To shed light on the truth about abortion and the damage it does to women, men and society.

To help women and men hurt by abortion to find healing.

Get acquainted with this year's featured speaker, Pastor Brian Noble, head of the Family Policy Institute of Washington

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