Dr. William Lile, the “Pro Life Doc” - 2022 Featured Speaker

In 1999, Dr. William Lile, the “Pro Life Doc”, took over a practice that was the largest provider of abortion services in Pensacola, Florida.

On day 1, any and all abortion services and abortion referrals were stopped immediately. The clinic’s former abortionist retired and left the country. Today, that clinic’s abortion equipment is now used to demonstrate the brutality of abortions performed in all 3 trimesters. The tools of modern obstetrics have become the tools of Dr. Lile’s pro-life ministry! That’s because Dr. Lile believes that the life and personhood of the pre-born can only be understood through Love and empowered education.

Dr. Lile is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and former OB/GYN Department Chair. He is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Alabama. He has served as an instructor with both The University of Florida and Florida State Medical School OB/GYN residency programs.The Pro Life Doc is passionate about providing quality healthcare to ALL of his patients – including those in the womb!

Abortion is never the right ‘choice’, but Dr. Lile’s message, though borrowed from Jesus Christ, is a clear one – forgiveness is available to ALL through His blood.


You can learn more about Dr. Lile at his website: www.prolifedoc.org.